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Ask Bi Grlz Podcast

Apr 21, 2018

Rock star and yoga goddess Taleen Kali helps MariNaomi and Myriam Gurba answer some questions!

Apr 13, 2018

It was bound to happen eventually--Mari and Myriam talk about their periods!

Subjects include: PMS, LSD, psychotic breaks, crying at commercials, the bi gaze, neglecting one's friends, and exposing one’s abusers through art.

Apr 2, 2018

MariNaomi and Myriam Gurba discuss religious folklore, ghost stories, self-care, and slogging through the grind.

Mar 11, 2018

Myriam Gurba and MariNaomi discuss the benefits (or not) of reading one's Goodreads reviews, and Myriam gives advice about someone's rascally rabbit!

Mar 4, 2018

MariNaomi and Myriam Gurba discuss their experience touring with Sister Spit and performing as authors. They answer a question from a listener about the reasons behind misogyny, and another about Diane Arbus.